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tv   Damascus and Jerusalem in 1938  CSPAN  January 10, 2016 6:35pm-6:46pm EST

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>> i think it is faithful to how the investigation unfolded. it's important to keep in mind that it's a movie, not a documentary. you have to include -- compress into two hours seven months plus of investigation, including things that happened afterward. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on q&a. each week, american history tv's real america brings you archival help provide context for today's public affairs issues. >> our first impression of damascus is one of surprise as we notice the appearance of the square in the center of the city. our opinion changes as we step a few paces away.
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of the 300,000 inhabitants, 80% are muslims and many places of worship. the largest is open to the faithful and nonbeliever as well. all must remove shoes before entering. >> damascus is a hot and dry city. the many vendors of cool sweetwater do a thriving business. they clap the little brass bowls to make their presence known. >> at this open-air grill -- tidbits of goat are served. perhaps not sanitary, but very delicious to the citizens of damascus.
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cheap soap, but there is little demand for it. syrian oranges are delicious and inexpensive. they are sold by weight and cost only a few pennies. >> head dresses remind us of biblical characters. a new rug from persia. >> here is a novel way to display a rug, an auctioneer carrying it over his shoulder so that he gets bids as he goes about. damascus is at the end of the caravan route from persia and mesopotamia. during the day, many camel trains from the east enter the city and trail through the winding streets. the bazaar has high roofs. we stopped at a small outdoor
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bakery. the strange manner in which bred is baked interests us. the dough is placed over a pillow and put into the oven. the handful of straw is for the fire. let's watch again. no, the maker is not wearing gloves. the bread is fresh, but it is generally after much handling and after many flies have sampled it. >> damascus has long been famous for its many oriental coffeehouses where men gather in the evening and smoke a turkish
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water pipe. >> the tobacco is placed in the metal top and kept burning by a piece of charcoal. it is cooled by the water in the bowl. >> we look upon the walls of old jerusalem, walls which have been destroyed and rebuilt many times. there is a modern jerusalem with fine buildings, streets, and
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boulevards, but our interest lies in the old city. here we shall devote all of our time. an officer directs traffic. no vehicles are permitted within the walled city. all trucking must be done on the backs of animals or men. >> the finest gate is the damascus gate, because through
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it passes the old road to damascus. theath the gate, a man of desert reads fortunes in the sand. >> the streets of jerusalem have changed little with the passing of time and present the same appearance they did 2000 years ago. >> the narrow street is the chief business part of town. it leads from one gate down the hill to the west gate.
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>> money changers are still found in the marketplaces. small boys with large baskets act as messengers and carry packages for shoppers. a quarrel over candy. it will end with smiles. they notice someone from whom they can beg a gift. >> a new use for old automobile tires, crude but serviceable shoes.
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>> many of the streets of jerusalem are dark and dirty, the light coming from small openings in the top. only in the middle of the day does any son penetrate, casting a strange light on the passersby. >> jerusalem is one of the holiest of cities. to the christians, the mount of all this, where is the garden of gethsemane. the route of suffering, over which christ is said to have borne the cross, and the church still has the pillars and walls built by the crusaders. beneath the dome is the chapel of the holy sepulcher.
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over the house tops, we see the ancient site of the hebrew temple. to reach it, we pass along the street of christians and down the lower end of david street. on our way to the noble sanctuary, we recall that on the site king david erected an altar and king solomon built his palace and temple, king herod built another temple. justinian, a basilica to the virgin mary. today, it belongs to the muslims. a mosque that is covered by the stone that mohammed is said to have been carried into heaven by because of his miraculous deeds. here is a sanctuary. thejews never enter sanctuary proper for fear of desecrating the holy of holies. instead, they come to its walls,
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said to be part of the foundation of solomon's temple. since the middle ages, they have come from all over the world to the wailing place. they have stood before the stones to pray and lament the downfall of jerusalem. the capital of the israelite empire. >> up next, west viia


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